The Jubilee for the 350th anniversary of the foundation of the Quebec diocese was proclaimed on December 8th, 2023, during the Feast Day of the diocese, and will last one year. During that year, the Catholic Church of Quebec is happy to welcome persons and groups from all over the world coming as pilgrims here, in the land where the Church in America was born and grew.

Anyone may cross the Holy Door individually. They will be welcomed and will receive relevant information. During the day, the Basilica-Cathedral will be open for prayer for pilgrims with and without a reservation. Please note that the site will be accessible to anyone with reduced mobility. Pilgrims may give a volontary donation to the church.

Groups of 10 people and more are asked to make a reservation as soon as they have made their decision. An early registration will allow the group to be given a schedule according to their needs and a pastoral animator to accompany them. Groups are usually welcomed inside one of the patrimonial chapels of Old Quebec, from where they will walk to the Cathedral. One must allow half a day for the suggested pilgrimage. Others heritage sites and sanctuaries in the region will also be available.

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Additional activities

Our founders : Saint François de Laval, Saint Marie de l’Incarnation and Blessed Marie Catherine de Saint-Augustin.

Opportunity to pray at their respective tombs (located in 3 different chapels in Old Québec City), teaching, video at Centre d’animation François de Laval

Pardon and Eucharist.

Pardon: specify your needs when booking (there is only one priest available before mass unless you ask for more)

It is possible to attend a parish mass (in French) depending on local schedules or to have a private mass (if there is a priest in your group).

Visit the Notre-Dame-de-Quebec website to discover the services available. Click heure